Professional Content Creation and Recording Services in the Heart of Bury St Edmunds.


Let “Three Pin Studios” help you along the path to generating all the digital audio content for your marketing or creative needs.

We can provide any combination of scriptwriter, composer, music producer, musicians and vocal talent to generate and deliver bespoke musical content and tailored voice-overs.

As well as our extensive skills in writing, arrangement and orchestration our fully equipped recording studio housed in our 19thcentury Baptist chapel,incorporates an industry standard digital recording and production system in which we can bring together the right team to realise your project.

We provide a relaxing, creative environment to develop your ideas, however large or small.



This showreel illustrates various examples of music within an acoustic sphere. With genres including Gypsy Jazz, country rock, folk and easy listening, we can write and record suiting your musical needs and recording styles.



This reel showcases previous projects that have required a more cinematic approach. whether it be the angular strings of the opening, deep driving low end of the second, or the soft gentle evolution of the third the possibility of what our team can deliver for you is visually endless.



The following is an example of various projects, explorations and stings within a broadly defined “rock” genre. Opening with driving, dark and cinematic piece it moves swiftly to brighter tracks illustrating the range of styles possible within this genre.



Here we see a brief demonstration of works grouped as “electronic”. These range from the futuristic setting of the opening piece, through to more conventional styles that suggest the likes of Pendulum and Prodigy, darkly evocative moments, and some stripped back Dreamy Pop and RnB.