Producer: Ruthie Henshall
Producer/Writer: Paul Schofield
Director/Writer: Tim Welton
Production Manager: Nick Sharp
Choreographer: Jess Ellen
Scenic & Projection Designer: Kenneth MacLeod
Costume Designer: Dianne Kelly
Sound Designer: Dan Samson
Lighting Designer: Dan Terry
Lighting Programmer: Dan Street
Video Programmer: Daniel Richardson
Associate Sound Designer: David Beckham
Assistant Choreographer: Jordan Oliver
Arrangements & Orchestration: Lewis Andrews
Arrangements & Orchestration: Chris Ingham
Musicians: Ben Holder Trio
Set Construction: Clockwork Scenery

The Outsider

The Outsider is currently being performed on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. The show premiered in January 2018

Personne was once a bustling, joyful and vibrant town in Southern France. But no more. It has lost it’s spark and the townsfolk their individuality. The lavender fields they farm seem dull and lifeless since they all started to work for local farmer Hubert Hubert. Even he and his childhood sweetheart Constance haven’t spoken to each other for several years. Then Estelle, a mysterious outsider arrives with a talent to breath joy and passion back into hearts. Constance and postman Frank are beguiled by her talents, but Hubert remains unmoved. Will Estelle have time to finish her work and rekindle the love between Constance and Hubert before he turns the town against her?