Producer: Ruthie Henshall
Producer/Writer: Paul Schofield
Director/Writer: Tim Welton
Production Manager: Nick Sharp
Choreographer: Mark Smith
Production Designer: Kenneth MacLeod
Costume Designer: Kenneth MacLeod
Sound Designer: Dan Samson
Lighting Designer: Dan Terry
Lighting Programmer: Dan Street
Arrangements & Orchestration: Lewis Andrews
Costume Co Designer: Dianne Kelly

Echoes in the Night

“Echoes in the Night” takes us on a thrilling journey of mystery and intrigue through foggy streets of post war London drawing on the smoky eyed heroines and rugged jawed heroes of ‘film noir’ as it’s inspiration and mixing them with the sizzle of big band swing.

Echoes in the Night is currently being performed on board P&O Cruises, Aurora. The show premiered in July 2017.

Jaded ex-army Captain Luther Simpson has found himself working at the Blue Nightingale Club, run by the beautiful Valentine for owner Wrenford Stark. Wrenford has many more sinister business interests than just the club, but Luther is happy to turn a blind eye as long as he can stay close to Valentine. When an ex-army buddy Peter and his partner Dawn arrive on the scene, light begins to be shed on Wrenford’s dealings. Soviet spies are being smuggled out of London and Dawn and Peter, who reveal themselves as undercover Naval Intelligence agents, are there to find the ringleader. Can Luther keep Valentine safe from the notorious Crimson Shadow? Or is she herself involved in treasonous activity; Only the street corner lamps know the real truth behind the footsteps; and the Echoes in the Night.